On September 10th , 2021 we – 1500 children and 250 adults – came together on the Dutch isle of Schouwen-Duiveland. Together we made a unique and artistic videoclip; a call for action by the world leaders participating at COP26 (the upcoming United Nations climate summit in Glasgow).



Act as One consists of two items that are intertwined and complement to each other: the Gauge and the Living Animation videoclip.

A 40-metre-high gauge has been painted on the silo in Zierikzee, creating an iconic landmark on the isle of Schouwen-Duiveland.

The living animation is a first of its kind and presents the message on climate change executed by 1,750 children and adults. We all sat down together in a square grid, sitting 1,5 meters apart from each other. Each one was equipped with a cellphone and a giant 4-page cardboard book with different colors on each page. A special app gave individual page-turning instructions. That is how this living animation is made. To be more precise; we made in fact 12 living animations Fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, combined in one videoclip.

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