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Open the future: Act as One

Smurfit Kappa is convinced that making a real difference in global environmental problems, we are obliged to work together. Hence our close collaboration with suppliers and customers as well as with civil initiatives, such as Act as One, to contribute actively to a better planet and create awareness of climate change.

We understand and lead the way in challenges and in changes that need to take place in dealing with climate change and the reduction of waste worldwide. Cardboard packaging contributes, as these are natural materials and therefore better for the planet. By optimising production of cardboard packaging, we can help to reduce carbon emissions and prevent wastage of packaging and consumer products.

Awareness is not only vital but also crucial, as nowadays and future changes demand the efforts of every producer and consumer worldwide. Act as One is a project that aims to make people aware of the climate crisis. It is a unifying project, has visual impact, makes one think and is destined to reach millions of people at home and abroad. It’s an extremely creative way to emphasize the environmental developments and the influence on behaviour. This is exactly how Smurfit Kappa thinks, feels and acts in striving to achieve a better future for all: Open the Future!

Bent u net zo enthousiast over dit project als wij?

En vindt u ook dat we nu in actie moeten komen voor het te laat is?!

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